Getting ready for 15th FM WORLD Anniversary - Trip to Marina Bay

Apr 3, 2019
Getting ready for 15th FM WORLD Anniversary - Trip to Marina Bay

We invite you on a trip through Singapour’s streets! Together we will discover the most interesting attractions and places worth visiting! In the first part we will take you to Marina Bay, the next to Sentosa Island and Chinatown. Stay with us!

Symbol of the city

As you already know the lion is the symbol of Singapore. And today we will tell you few things about him. The Lion’s name is Merlion. He has the head of the king of animals and torso which refers to history of the city that was once nothing more but a modest fishing village. During the day he stands patiently (as befits a statue) and proudly posing for photos with tourists from around the world as a fountain, but at the night he transforms into a bay guard.

Marina bay

Marina Bay it is financial and conference centre of the Singapore. Tell about this city that it is „modern” is a huge understatement. Here futurism is ordinary and common. Towering skyscrapers, building from glass and metal, air-conditioned walkways… (Yeah, that’s right you heard well – for the well-being of tourists, walkways were equipped with a system of vents allowing tourists to survive hot days). While during the day Marina Bay simply surprises with innovative architectural solutions, at night it stuns, giving the impression of being transported to Earth from a distant galaxy. After the dark spectacle of the lights is startting in bay illuminating the buildings and reflecting in the water, and in the clubs and cafes night life begins.

Architecture of the future

When writing about the architecture of the future, the first thing we need to mention is Marina Bay Sands. The most characteristic building of Singapore is a A 57-storey hotel, which shape resembles a boat built on three huge pillars. „Boat” is located at an altitude of 200 meters above the ground, in the middle the hotel’s quest will find glass-bottom pool. Tourists, on the other hand, can enter the 56th floor of the building and admire the amazing panorama of the city, and at night also a water-laser show with classical music in the background.

Other icons of modernism in Singapore are the Esplanade - National Theater in the shape of durian fruit, where a concert hall for 1600 and a theater for 2000 people are situated, a library and shopping center - and futuristic Gardens by the Bay.

An oasis in the center of the city

Gardens by the Bay is one of the most important spots on the tourist’s map of Singapore. Futuristic park is situated near Marina Bay Sands and and its terrains measure 100 hectares. Characteristic 50 meters long metal tree-shaped construction is overgrown by real vegetation. Among the constructions, turists will find footbridges where you can walk, take pictures, and admire this unprecedented variation of tradition and modernity. In the park there are two pavilions: in Cloud Forest you can see a huge waterfall, while in Flower Dome - baobabs, olive trees and cactuses. Of course during the night everything is beautifully highlighted like everything in the City of Lion.

Marina Bay is a typical center of a modern metropolis - there is a lot of to see, a lot of place to have fun, a lot of place to relax. We are convinced that during celebrating the 15th anniversary of FM WORLD in Singapore, you will visit the bay many times :)