Make your dream come true with FM World

Nov 1, 2020
Make your dream come true with FM World

We are happy to announce that we are starting with a special competition – FM DREAMERS! As the name suggests, we will help you make your dreams come true!

Every Business Partner who places an order for at least 300 personal points between 1 and 30 November can send a description of his/her dream with a short explanation of why we should make it come true at [email protected]*. The description must not contain more than 800 characters with spaces. Please include your Business Partner Number, name and surname in the email title.

IMPORTANT! You can share up to three dreams with us as long as you place an order for a minimum of 900 points on the Main Number or, if you have more than one Business Partner Number, you place an order for a minimum of 300 points on each of them. In both cases, each of the three dreams must be sent in separate emails. Sending the same dream multiple times does not increase your chances of winning.

Not a member of the FM Club? There is nothing lost! Join us now and take part in the contest – maybe it is your dream that will come true soon!

The winners will be announced on on 10 December 2020.

* You can describe you dreams in languages: English, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian or Italian.

Please find  Rules of Procedure of the Competition in Polish.  

Please find English translation Rules of Procedure of the Competition.