New Jasper Star

Jun 4, 2020
New Jasper Star

Jessica Mellor joined FM World in July 2018 expecting just a bit of extra cash for days out and trips with her little boy Jacob. It didn’t take long when she saw the potential of the FM World Business and decided to put her all into it, and maybe one day, build it to a business, so she could quit her full-time job.

She didn’t have to wait long as an absolutely breath-taking success came in less than 2 years from joining, when she reached a Diamond Orchid (after just 16 months in the Business). In April 2019 she became self-employed and as she says, it has been the best decision of her entire life. In September 2019 she got her dream FM Car, a Range Rover. She gained the freedom to work on her business, was able to be consistent with her team, and more importantly, she got to spend quality time with her Son, without having to feel guilty about working.

With no previous experience in network marketing, she has turned her business into something really magical… As she says: her team is everything to her and there is no better feeling than helping others earn extra money, and seeing their lives completely change.

We are so proud of what you achieved so far and cannot wait to see you shine even brighter!