The Maritime Experiential Museum

Jul 23, 2019
The Maritime Experiential Museum

The time spent in a foreign country is also a worthwhile time to learn about its history. There is no better way to learn about the region than to go to a museum!

Science doesn't have to be boring.

Located on the Sentosa Island, the Maritime Experiential Museum will provide you with the greatest lesson in history! This fully interactive place will take you on a fascinating journey to the beginnings of Singapore related to ports and maritime trade!

Be a part of the story

Thanks to 15 thematic galleries equipped with technologically advanced audio and visual installations, you will experience the story of the Silk Road by yourself. In addition, you will be able to visit an original replica of an Asian sailing ship!

Let’s go on adventure!

If you' re keen on adventure, you should also visit Typhoon Theatre - a multimedia, 360º museum cinema where you can experience a storm on the high seas!

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