Nutricode History

9 paź 2021
Nutricode History

Every great story starts with an idea. At FM World we strongly believe we can all live healthier, fuller lives and realize our potential and wherever we are on life's journey at our healthiest, anything is possible. That’s why Nutricode was born in 2016 and how our Nutricode journey began in beautiful and sunny Greece.

We started Nutricode historyy in 2016 with 5 fantastic products from the catalogue no. 25. Since then, over the next 5 years, we've come a long way and developed our product range. 

Today, we have 40 food supplements altogether, including: Inner Balance, Beauty Detox, Slim Body System, Detox Herbal Infusion and many more. In each of these FM branches qualified specialists – dietitians – provide you professional nutritional assistance.

See, how it all started……